On EFT and Creative Command Coaching…

Because of my work with you I was able to manifest the perfect person for my business as well as unblock myself in my weight loss issue. I started noticing what I call “Spiritual Coincidences” right away and still see them today. Everything just seems to be falling into place in a beautiful and divine way. I feel emotionally stronger and more in control of my destiny.

T. Kappel

Multimedia, Inc., Clarkston, MI

I was inspired to follow the program and do the exercises… Soon I found that negatives were taking up less space in my journal and positive thoughts were taking more space. Thank you for making such a lasting and encouraging impression on my life!

S. Morrow

Kan-Go-Roo Publishing, Southfield, MI

On Gayle’s Motivational Presentations…

Gayle speaks with power and confidence and thoroughly engages her audience. It doesn’t matter what she is speaking about, Gayle delivers her message in an entertaining, moving, and memorable way.

A. Kron

Psychiatrist, West Bloomfield, MI

We can only teach from the heart what we have known to be true for our own lives. I am sure that many lives will be changed because of Gayle.

S. Parker

Unity Minister, Clare, MI

On the Crystal Lunch…

…Inspirational, interesting, and frankly a lot of fun!

Paul Plamondon

DLK Associates, Farmington Hills, MI

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