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Private two-hour session to annihilate the echoes of past trauma and face the future in a lighter, more joyful way. 90% off until 12/8/2019!


C4 Combined Technique Resilience Session

Creative Command Clarity Coaching, or “C4 Resilience” specifically targets experiences YOU identify as the most bothersome. Then, together, we drill down to the root of the problem and clear the emotional charge attached to those memories, breaking the compulsion to keep reliving the experience over and over again different ways.

This combined technique eliminates the “static” unresolved trauma creates in your energetic body, leaving you more peaceful and with less anxiety, and opens up new pathways of possibilities in your life.

Clients have used their Resilience Session to address issues ranging from childhood sexual abuse to unending grief over situations that will never change, to entrepreneurs who needed to hire help but refused to allow themselves to share control. (Not only did that client find a great employee to hire within two weeks, she also enjoyed the side benefit of a noticeable reduction in stress eating which led to her spontaneously losing weight!)

Personally, I have used these tools to change my entire life. From eliminating traumatic flashbacks to mindset shifting, my life is unrecognizable compared to what it used to be. The predictable outcome based on how my childhood programmed me is entirely different now. It can be for you too.

That why I’m reaching out to offer you a one time, never gonna do this again chance to try out a C4 Resilience session for an INCREDIBLE 90% DISCOUNT!

That’s right. A two hour session on Zoom to tap out your top 3 traumatic hooks, together, with yours truly.

Normally, a 2 hour session is priced at $250. But only YOU know its value.

What is it worth to you to have Christmas with your family be more joyful?

What if a session could make all the chaos of the holidays actually fun again?

What if you didn’t feel so much pressure? So much stress? So much anxiety?

This is a gift you really should give yourself, because in the end, your family will enjoy being around YOU even more!

To take me up on this utterly insane Cyber Monday/Cyber Week/Lady You’re Just Crazy Enough To Make it Work Sale, click the button to Add to Cart and follow the instructions. Easy Peasy.

OH! By the way… I have seen colleagues take hospitalized veterans from nearly being psychotic because of sleep deprivation to sleeping peacefully a full eight hours – in the span of a week! I currently have openings for 6 Vets who would like to try out C4 Resilience in a beta program. If you are a veteran and would like to apply for one of the beta program slots, please email G2@GayleNicholson.com with your identifying information and a brief description of what is currently causing you distress: Night terrors? Nightmares? Flashbacks? An inability to allow yourself to fall asleep?

Make sure to put “Veteran Beta” in the subject line so I know it’s extra important!

If you are a veteran, you owe it to yourself to check out what C4 Resilience Coaching (and the soon to be announced C4 Explosive Results Retreat) can do for you, your family and your peace of mind.

Military discounts are available.


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