3 Steps to Making Miracles

Make an impact! Shake things loose! Study the Three Simple Changes that can Change EVERYTHING for 21 days and watch how it subtly shifts your experience of life in a more joyful way!

9 Magic Stones E-Book

Testing the downloadability of this

Abundance All Ways Meditation

Abundance Meditation with Directive Affirmations

Electronically downloads directly to your computer or phone.

C4 Coaching - Explosive Results

Customized personal coaching for ambitious clients out to produce breakthrough results in any area of life.

C4 Resilience Session$250.00
Creative Command Clarity Coaching

Custom designed coaching to gain clarity and create a future of your choice. Clears the barriers set in place by societal conditioning and cultural limitations.

Your life will change with this coaching.

Divine Dedication Meditation

Directive Affirmations designed to keep you focused on who you are and what you’re up to.

Enjoy anywhere!

Downloadable immediately to your computer or phone.

Mailing list sign up page design

Only available with PEG production


Creating a customized email sign up page to build your email list and deliver your lead magnet produced above.

Setting it up for you in Mailchimp or your preferred automated email service.

Peaceful Prosperity Meditation

We’ve all heard stories of people who win the lottery and then lose it all (plus some) within a short period of time. Their customary prosperity frequency cannot exist harmonically with the new level of prosperity and everything tends to fall apart, much like a dischordant pitch can cause stone to crumble. This meditation will help you hold it together and rise up to match increasingly higher levels of prosperity without fallout.

Prospect Enticement Gift production (Ebooks)

Client provides the content for this PEG, whether from the recorded interview or stand-alone content and pictures/graphics. 

Can be purchased as a stand-alone item without “Transforming 30 into 30” commercial production purchase.

  • PEG’s are ebooks generated out of the content of the recorded interview or another medium.
  • The minimum fee (above) provides space for 5 pages of content and 5 strategically placed photos as follows:

o   Cover Design

o   Inside Cover – good spot for a welcoming letter from you or a pull quote graphic

o   Content pages 1-4, including photos and layout and design

o   Inside back cover; great spot for how to work with you, call to action, etc.

  • Additional pages & photo typesetting available at $20 per page
Quote Memes

We pull a few particularly significant quotes from your interview recording and create memes with screenshots of you that you can use on all your various social media platforms, your websites, and to include in your press kit. These will not only give you valuable content to share but also help to make you look like the authority.

The Distribution Package

What good is it if all this cool stuff if I deliver just sits on your hard drive and you never do anything with it? Nada. No good at all. And despite your best intentions, chances are that’s exactly what’s going to happen for many well-intentioned people who decide to take me up on my offer for the free interview.

On top of that, this might be the exact reason why those who DON’T take me up on my offer to repurpose that valuable content just don’t.

Here’s my answer to that…

We go into your preferred automator (Buffer, Hootsuite, or your Facebook Business Page Settings) to schedule post for you, 90 days at a time.

o   5 conversation starter memes based on the theme of the day scheduled to drop first thing in the morning.

o   3 pull-quote memes, scheduled to drop at the time of day your followers are most likely to be online.

o   2 video snippets scheduled to drop at the time of day your followers are most likely to be online.



Transforming 30 to 30

Taking the recorded interview from the Corona Spotlight 2020 and transforming it into a 30-second commercial that can be used to promote you and your business around the internet. Sponsor my future Vidcasts, sponsor other people’s podcasts, use it as your pinned video on Facebook, share it to Twitter, schedule it as content for automated posts; the possibilities are endless.

Two Video Snippets

We create two short videos 10-15 seconds of you saying something especially impactful from the interview recording.