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Raising Healthy Kids After an Unhealthy Childhood

Today we did a Q&A over on Facebook for a question submitted by Valerie M. of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Valerie asked, “As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, how do I protect my children without imposing my life experiences on them?”

Great question, Valerie!

In Summary —

  1. …You won’t. Your experiences are part of you. They are the air that you breathe. If you were a fish, they’d be the water you swim in. The KEY, then, is to maximize the strengths your experiences gave you, and minimize the detrimental impacts they left you with, too. To make this happen, see #2.

2) Do your inner work. The less activated YOU are as the mom, the more space your kids will have to explore and play to find out what interests THEM without your own fears getting in the way. Incidentally, I can help with that!

3) For a more practical strategy you can begin applying today, consciously try to make all of your interactions with your kids based in Love, not Fear. Yes, there is scary stuff out there, and while you and I know that, it doesn’t help the kid at all to be afraid of the world. There are ways to “reframe” the truth that will leave your child feeling empowered, not fearful.

And Lastly – My NUMBER ONE SUGGESTION for building fearless children who know Mom and Dad have their back! Watch the video to check it out.

#Manilove, my Friends! Have an incredible day!